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We are trusted by more than 10,000+ clients

For over thirty years, the Drake Grove Finance has provided capital advisory and capital access services to clients requiring debt and equity capital, mergers and acquisitions, project finance and corporate restructuring. We are also uniquely positioned to make direct investments in select client opportunities. Our offerings are reinforced through our deep sector expertise in conventional and renewable energy, technology, commercial real estate, infrastructure, aerospace, defense and government services, consumer services, gaming and leisure, banking and financial institutions, telecommunications and media.

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Innovative Financing Solutions Delivered Worldwide

We engage our world-class advisory and underwriting expertise to develop the optimal deal structure while providing enhanced due diligence and anti-money laundering advisory in addition to deal structuring. With deal structure settled and in hand, we aggressively pursue the best financing options in capital markets worldwide. Whether providing trade financing, project financing or contract financing, when we combine deal structure, enhanced due diligence and best in class financing we deliver financing solutions that are consistently among the best in the world.

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We are not tied to any franchise groups, property developers, real estate agents or buyer鈥檚 agents. This means that we have no conflict of interest in sharing with you information relating to your property and your loan.


From helping you to choose a loan you can afford to repay, staying in control of your property transaction, and keeping you informed regularly on the status of your file, we help you navigate the stressful process of loan approval.


Of course we help you to select the best loan for your short and medium term needs. But we like to do so much more. Our objective is to do everything we can to help you with what you want to do; whether that be to buy a property, or expand your business.

Our Team

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Straight-forward way of financing

Ongoing Support

We have a unique ongoing formal loan review process whereby we assist you to actively manage your loan during the length of its term. We monitor the competitiveness of your product, your property equity and your repayment performance.

Knowledge of the market

Whether you are a just starting out with your first home, or you are a seasoned investor, we are committed to providing you with the right home loan to meet your needs. We will discuss every aspect of your loan with you and ensure you understand the fine details.


Whether you are a first home buyer, a seasoned investor, a business owner or just looking to finance your next car, we are committed to providing you with expert advice and exceptional customer service to assist you with your lending needs.